day 5 & 6 net. work.

by wynlim

Didn’t update this journal yesterday because I was actually busy. Doing work. lol. I regret a little bit actually, because I thought I can recall 2 day’s events at one go, but it seems like whatever transpired on tuesday is already a bit fuzzy. 

Ohh. I was at The Summit for the entire day on Tuesday….(fuzzy)….thank god I do GoWalla checkins wherever I go now. I’m not a fan of check-in apps especially when am back home in Singapore, but on a trip it is great if you really want to document where you’ve been. Like pins on a map.

Okay I seriously remember going somewhere after The Summit and before Citizenspace but I really don’t remember and there wasn’t any Gowalla check-ins in between. Weird. 

Anyway, co-working at The Summit was great though I think I spent over $20 in food, drinks and tips. Also, my back couldn’t withstand long hours with stools. i.e. No chair backing. 

So right after that I went to Citizenspace for SF Nightowls: . I didn’t manage to stay till 2am because I was a little worried about getting caught in mexican gang crossfire (am not kidding) where I stay, but the co-worker next to me so happened to live a couple of blocks away and offered to walk me home. We left around 11ish and he was telling me how he got randomly punched in the face in the neighbourhood while walking home with his girlfriend. 


I am not so sure about my night owl status anymore. Am suffering from a mild identity crisis because I am evidently not the person I thought of myself to be. No longer melancholic, insomniac, anxious. I literally walk with a bounce now (okay perhaps the bounce is due to the cold). I look forward to going out every morning. At 7am. I am just curious what is going to happen later in the day. Not sure who I am going to meet, which cute shop I am going to pass by.

I keep on wondering if it was possible to maintain this sort of enthusiasm in Singapore. Choose some random part of Singapore to visit everyday and see what happens. But nah. I really just feel sick with crowds. Bad traffic. Concrete everywhere. I can visit nature spots….but nature spots are not condusive for work. 

Over here, I can do plenty of cafe-hopping and there is *always* space. Well, there seems to be cool co-working spaces in the plans in Singapore, it will be nice to hang out in them when they’re ready, but for now these places are all in the western part of Singapore. 

Another small detail is, here I can commute to plenty of places in the city using public transport for less than 30 mins, and it is usually a relaxing commute. If I have to walk, I can walk miles just enjoying the walk, even with my 3kg mbp. 

And I haven’t even mentioned that it is just a ride away to plenty of real nature. 

I am intrigued, because even the Americans I talk to like being in SF city. It is just such a colourful hub. Take the tech scene away and I still love it. Okay, I know I sound like an infatuated teenager…

Yesterday, I went to another co-working space, PariSoma ( Again, warehouse-like with LOTS of space and high ceilings. I can imagine co-working here all the time if I were to settle down long-term in the city. Tables are huge, they have proper chairs, power points everywhere. Everyone is busy with what they are doing yet somehow there is a sense of community. There’s a few companies having perm offices in the 2nd level and I really like the unstructured yet structured feel about it. Someone came by to talk to me because of my wacom tablet. Heh. 


If you want to be in a place where random opportunities pop-up everywhere all the time, SF could be the best place to be. I spent just the past 3 days being at co-working or networking events and I’ve already had plenty of interesting discussions. 

After PariSoma I visited Costco for the first time in my life. I was speechless. They sell everything in bulk, even bread. You can buy like 50 breadrolls in a bag. Wow. If I’m ever here long-term and I don’t wanna spend money in restaurants, I know where to go. 


In the evening, I went to my first proper networking event, 106miles. I felt pretty awkward at first, everyone was already chatting in groups. I just took a nametag, wrote “Winnie. UI designer from Singapore” and I thought I’ll just leave it to the universe to bring me people. Lol. I stood at a corner and indeed, there were quite a few people looking for designers…or they were just curious about Singapore. I just wish everyone had bigger nametags so we all know what we’re looking for. 

To be honest though, I didn’t go to these events because I wanted to be hired or something. I think it is a good way to get immersed in the scene and just listen to everyone’s stories. Or pitch. I met a couple of really nice people who offered me help if I ever got into trouble here. The end of the night, I met someone who worked a few years in Singapore and even offered me a ride home in his very cute red jeep. 

You really don’t know what to expect and that is the best part of it.

So I have no idea what I want to happen or what I intend to do here. All I know is I am keeping an open mind and hoping to go entirely with the flow. I don’t think I’ve been hustling so hard for as long as I remember. And you know what, fighting really intensely for what you want or hope for feels really, really good.


It makes me feel alive.