unexpected turn

by wynlim


So the above picture captures a gist of why I love San Francisco. I see things like this all the time and it makes me smile. Somehow it just reminds me of the unbridled creative spirit you feel in the air.

I haven’t been writing as much because the past few days have been crazy for me. Meeting after meeting….I didn’t have time to eat a single meal on Friday until like 7ish pm.

I am finally feeling the strain of running everywhere – but every single second of that was worth it. And I am still happier than ever.

So there has been a series of unexpected events which I cannot really talk about, but those whom are in one of my circles on G+ will know what is going on.

The summarized version is – I am flying out of SF to Hawaii in 10 days time for a month odd, then flying back to SF at the start of October.

I can’t write here what I’m going to be doing there, I’m just going to say that I’m going over to check things out just like how I am checking things out right here in SF. It is all part of this experience which I had no expectations for, and I am just going to go with the flow. 

But it is just very weird yet funny yet exciting because everything is just so unexpected yet so in a state of natural flow. I am really just letting go (not easy for me either okay ;p) and having blind faith that the Universe will feel my heart beat.

By the way, I spent the whole of yesterday being a tourist with a new friend (whom I got to know because I almost had an interview with him lol)

He brought me around,


showed me Japan Town (kick ass by the way and there’s daiso!!)


ate sushi floating on a boat,


and we had a great conversation. 

This is all priceless.