sleep, gratitude & discipline

by wynlim

I have a routine now. I wake up at 6ish, leave for the beach at 7, get back around 9, do lots of work, have lunch, return and do lots of work, have dinner, then chill out a bit, feel sleepy and sleep till the next morning.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal like most people, in fact that probably sounds like the routine for a lot of people (except for the beach part).

But it is a big deal for me.

For someone who had chronic issues with sleep and an inability to stick to any sort of routine for most of my life, it is a really big deal.

It makes me think a bit about discipline. You know all those gtd blogs go on and on about focus and discipline? I am starting to believe that when you truly want something, you don’t require discipline to do it. You simply just want to do it. It is about desire. 

It is like how I used to hate eating salads and I had to force myself to eat greens, now I actually enjoy greens and I even crave for it. You have to want something. You have to be happy doing it. 

I don’t ever want to forget how it feels like to be unable to sleep. I want to be permanently grateful for my sleep now. Just having good sleep hygiene alone is making a huge difference to my overall well being.

The cynical part of me is still waiting for the magic to end. It seems like it is just getting better everyday.

I am not sure how I can adjust to life in Singapore again.

 I wish I could write a lot more about what I’m doing, but for now I guess you guys just have to be satisfied with these:


Yup, I actually love these onions dispensers.