2 months and counting

by wynlim

Time flies and I have been in the US for more than 2 months. I’ll be back in Singapore in less than 3 weeks. The magic has not gone away. I am still happier than ever.

My sleep quality has been consistently good as well, which till today still surprises me pleasantly, because half of me is thinking that my chronic insomnia will surface again once I settle into some routine or regular pattern.

I believe that my insomnia was a result of me not expelling my energy in the right channels. Now that I’ve experienced how it feels like to be at peace and yet enthusiastic at the same time, I cannot imagine myself living life any other way.

I never forget, not even for a single moment, how blessed I am. Sleep in itself is already a huge blessing, I can’t re-iterate enough how much difference has good sleep made to my overall happiness level. The general mind-fog I have been having for the past few years has lifted.

I am not taking my feet off the pedal though. I still take my chinese herbs + some western supplements regularly. After being through a period when I could never feel well enough to do anything, I do not ever want to take my health for granted again.

Every single time I feel myself having a good, clear mind with no on-coming migraine signs in my head, I give a silent prayer of gratitude to the Universe.

That being said, I cannot stop feeling grateful to my sensitivity to unhappiness, for if not my extreme physical reaction to it, I would not have taken the step out to be here.

I really believe the Universe rewards people when they follow their hearts in spite of all that fear. I remain very, very thankful for the people I am currently surrounded with. It was a stroke of serendipity which I totally believe that occured only because the Universe extended her hand to me and I took the chance to grab it with all my hands and feet.

So I feel that happens all the time in life. The Universe never fails to extend her hand to you, but most of us are too scared or blind to believe we could be worthy being part of this magical flow of life.

I never thought I’ll say this, but I love my life. I have never loved it before. And I cannot wait for more of it to unfold.