Facebook’s timeline & me

by wynlim

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that Facebook is releasing Timeline. I activated mine a few days ago as a developer.

I scrolled through it and I fell in love. 

I’m extremely sentimental, so scrolling through the last few years of my life was particularly nostalgic. For once, I am very grateful that I had updated my statuses and photos quite regularly. I feel like a third-party observer looking back at my life.

And what surprised me the most, was that despite me thinking that I had a tough two years before I stepped into SF, I actually had a pretty rich timeline even for those tough years.

In fact, my life has been pretty much colorful ever since I’ve joined Facebook in 2007. Especially nostalgic pictures of my travels popping up very regularly – Tokyo, Thailand (tons), Hongkong, Philippines, etc. I had flashbacks of trips that marked important milestones in my life, I had also remembered some wonderful people I had met through these travels, as well as my personal transformation with each trip.

You can tell by now, travelling is such a core part of my life. I wished I had more courage to do even more travelling in my 20s, but it is okay. I have my 30s to look very forward to.

Apart from travel, there are tons of food pictures of what I’ve eaten. I am not sure why but looking back at things I’ve eaten makes me very happy too. I still take pictures of what I eat every single day, I may not upload them but I keep a casual food log. 

Then, of course there are pictures with my partner and dog. Plus our friends and other dogs. I see how we’ve evolved through the years and how far we’ve come. My brain automatically relates to certain events in that time span each time I scroll through a photo in that period.

By now, I am very glad that my timeline has tons of stuff. Of course there is the entire period of the historic elections in Singapore this year. I am still very proud to know that the elections had covered a huge portion of my timeline.

The takeaway I had from this is, I could have had a crappy life according to my mind, but no matter how crappy it was, it was never – nothing. There were ups and downs, but there was never silence.

I do feel that if I were to die tomorrow, I would die without regrets. Of course there are tons of things I could accomplish in the future, but I feel that I have tried really hard at this game called life.

Facebook’s Timeline gave me the opportunity to be proud of my life, and inspired me to feel like I should even work harder to make sure 10 years from now, when I look back, it should be even more colorful than what it was for the past 10 years.

And you know what. I think the awesomeness of my life for the next 10 years is going to be exponentially awesome. 

I think this is the first time of my life, that I feel truly enthusiastic about living my life.

My life. Purely mine and no one else’s. I wished I could have discovered this sooner, but starting at age 30 still gives me plenty of time to live it the way I want it to be. I have lived the last 3 decades trying to tone down my self, trying to be more conformist so that the people around me can feel more comfortable while feeling like I was better off dead – now is the time for me to be as loud as possible. 

Because when I look back at my timeline, no one else is going to feel remotely as sorry as me if it sucks. Just like nobody else would know how much joy is radiating through every single cell of my body now when I look back and I know I had lived a life I could be proud of.

p.s. I am going to document as much as my life as possible – hopefully when I grow up there will be tons of data to look at and play with.