must-dos in HK

by wynlim

For once I’ll not write a long emo blog post. ;p I have had several requests for tips on what do to do & eat in HK. Obviously there’s lonelyplanet, tripadvisor etc but well, travelling is personal, isn’t it? I don’t expect everyone to have the same tastes as me but in case you’re curious, here’s my list (so far, becase there’s tons I haven’t seen – and yes I am food obsessed).

1. Australia Diary Company


Everyone has to try their steamed milk pudding and fried eggs here. I repeat. Must try. Just being in the restaurant itself is a unique HK experience. It is really not from Australia, I am not sure why it is named that way. I guess they mean the milk. Hmm.



2. Egg tarts at Tai Cheong

I have had great egg tarts randomly at plenty of HK streets, but Tai Cheong is one of those hyped experiences one has to do for the sake of doing. Eat it right after buying it. Warning: it crumbles into your mouth so don’t be smart like me and eat it while pinching it only with two fingers – I found half of my egg tart on the street afterwards.


3. Dim sum at Lin Heung Lao

Hat tip to Belle, this is one of those places where there are no English menus and carts get pushed around. Another great experience just for the sake of it, the food is great too, albeit I would be uncomfortable going there alone. Some of those aunties pushing the carts can be grumpy, ahem. Things to eat: Roast pork, creamy custard buns, rice flour rolls. 



4. Visit Tai O


I fell in love with this fishing village. I can’t express it using words.

5. Visit one of the outer-lying islands

You’ll feel like you’re visiting an alternate reality from mainland HK. Cheung Chau, Peng Chau, take your pick. Just hop onto a ferry, it is less than $2 and you can even island-hop in a day.


6. Eat at a Cha Can Teng (aka Hongkong-style cafe)

Recommendations: Iced yuan yang (coffee+tea with milk) or Iced milk tea, egg & luncheon meat sandwiches, baked pork chop rice – as you can tell by now, they are not very healthy and not very chinese. But that’s what I love about HK’s food, it can be so chinese and so not chinese! If you are not comfortable with the dodgy looking ones yet (though I swear, the dodgier, the more delicious), you can try Tsui Wah for a very comfortable dining experience first. There’s quite a few branches scattered all over. Try the soy-sauce chicken wings please.

7. Eat French Toast


This needs to have its own mention. This is not your typical french toast. It is deep fried with peanut butter in between, drenched with syrup, and a slab of butter melting on top. Sinfully delicious.

8. Eat at one of these at Sheung Wan / Central


You should be able to tell by now, I really like these old nostalgic places.

9. Eat Tang Yuan (glutinuos rice balls)

I typically don’t really like flour-y stuff but the ones here are so soft and delicious…

10. Take a tram on Hong Kong island


Maybe it is just me, each time I take one of these I feel like it i
s magic. 

11. Eat Claypot rice/congee at temple st


I recommend the congee actually. If you can’t be at temple st then just hop into the many congee restaurants. 

12. Eat street food


You can find them almost anywhere but definitely at Mongkok. I like the curry fishballs and octopus. Yummy.

13. For geeks only

Visit Golden Computer Arcade & Apliu St preferbly on weekdays unless you’re into crowds.


14. Malls at Yau Ma Tei & Mongkok stretch 

I don’t mean big ones like Langham Place, but the small tiny packed ones where you can find obscure toy shops and tidbit shops among the usual youth fashion. If you’re there at night, take a walk down the Ladies street night market, just for fun.


These are what I ❤ so far, I expect myself to see a lot more I haven’t covered during my past trips, but these are the ones I keep repeating, even on my nth visit now.

For everyone’s convenience, I’ve saved all of the above in a foursquare list. 😉