my rose-tinted lenses

by wynlim

I will admit this. I view everything with a pair of rose tinted lenses. People, work, life, dreams, ambition, everything.

Having had a side of me who was disinterested in everything and anything, I will very much rather wear those rose-tinted lenses.

They make me believe anything is possible, that humans are kind by nature, that my imagination is just another perception of what can be real.

Without my rose-tinted lenses I wouldn’t have believed I would one day live the life I am living now. Dreams are possible only if you believe they’ll come true, despite the ridiculousness of them all. I’m a living example of disappointing those naysayers again and again. Thanks to my rose-tinted lenses.

Perhaps I’ll stumble, perhaps I’ll cry, perhaps the greys of life will appear but what matters is that I am carrying faith and hope with me instead of jadedness & apathy.

Pain is only temporary, but dreams can be permanent, if only I have courage to hold on to them. And my rose-tinted lenses give me the strength to do so.

Not all the time though. Sometimes I’ll mock myself for wearing them, for like any human being I waver.

But I have always picked them up time and again, I have never once given up on them.

I’ll continue to wear them, I hope I’ll still have them with me when it is time for me to wrap things up in this world.

That will be testament of how I lived my life. Because it is mine to live, not anyone else’s. With my very own rose-tinted lenses.